I Do Not Want to Say the Word Hope, eh

By Nina Tryggvason, Lanyard Lesbian, 7 Federal Departments, retired.

In Canada the 1970s was the first decade Indigenous Adults could vote and laws regarding clothing were ended. In the 1980s, Canada enacted the Charter of Rights I was within the first generation of Canadian women who graduated with own rights to ideas, language, expression, when I began dating in the 1990s, I lost all rights. No military service, no government employment, and legal to be fired in the private sector, and even denied housing. Marriage equality was a distant dream that those against called “same sex” to invoke disgust at gay male sex, while proponents said “same gender” for a neutral term.

In the 1990s, we were going to show the heterosexuals to not name call all those decades ago by calling ourselves queer to avenge our olders and elders.

And fought for the public square Military Service, Marriage, housing and education/employment to have lives centred in non-procreative sexual orientation, the reason why marriage was denied by the religious public in secular law.

The International Gay and Lesbian Association an umbrella group of over 100, removed the pedophile groups in order to retain United Nations Advisory Status. Some organizations also left in support of the pedophile groups in the 1990s.

With the rather be perverts than terfs men’s rights movement it needs to be said that Trans already had public square rights, and Trans rights are not human rights when applied against women’s spaces and accessing children rather than as against the men who coined the words homo/transphobia as court room defence words.

Human rights equality is a hand up to public rights, while Trans rights are for a leg over into not for public and private lives.

From lived experience that many will no doubt relate to:

Heterosexual men claim that all women are bisexual and when that fails, that they are lesbians and argue on the basis of attraction to women. Those who undergo voluntary eugenics differ not.

Men use woman as a slur against other men, and gay men are men, and drag queens demonstrate the same contempt for women as men across ethnicity, across sexuality do.

To be clear: lesbian is the non-procreative sexual orientation of attraction between women. People are not clothes nor are objects body parts. Clothes being the best argument against ghosts, but also for ghosting, eh.

There is zero excuse within the so called LGBTQ2 as the Canada Phrase is to name call for a no to social events for dating or rejecting dating is bigotry then claim kink has a safeword. Equality rights are offered a hand, there is no right to a leg over.

No one has to try to make sure they do not like or are not interested in.

Given the Canada Military having to turn over current and historic sexual harassment files to the Supreme Court, the RCMP vs Women Employees Class Action, there is no pretending women who work in prisons are safe from male colleagues who were not prevented from harming women in prison. That women’s prison is for women, including those identifying as transmen and men identifying as women owing to being unable to protect women or trans from men; the inability to identify the problem predators who do not self identify while removing the tools of ordinary human senses for self protection.

How many more wrongdoings owing to catering to ideas that render persons lessor and how many apologies and class actions and individual cases do there have to be?

The Canadian First Purge of the Public service from the 1950s to 1992 apologized for and Canadians facing the mass grave reality of residential schools. We cannot be naive and fail to connect the historic inquisition torture methods that continue to modern era by religion and government and to SMBD/Kink practises.

Victims do not have to cater to abuser’s self image and not be the expert witness of her own experience at court and worse not in therapy with Kink/SMBD the new post alien abduction and satanic panic practise offering.

There is zero excuse to ignore the most human right is to a no.

As for governments, there is no pretense of not knowing.

The Employment Equity Act (1995) , an employment act that requires the population to be reflected in hiring statistics.

The four groups, in reverse of the usual order: 4. Indigenous 3 Disabled 2 Visible Minority and 1 Women; The purpose of employment equity was to confer protection to the rights of those who previously had fewer to no rights.

In 1998, the government had another employee program: “diversity” for Gay and Lesbian rather than sexual orientation be added as a fifth employment equity group.

The softest way I can explain how bigotry works across demographics is:

at three of the employment equity groups, men sit at the table and women make the coffee while white heterosexual women table while other women make coffee

however at the gay and lesbian committee, we brought our own lattes and worked across the table

What this has to do with self identification is this:

Merit is the word used against Employment Equity, adding to the oppression being address, while those who self id into demographics, do so, without merit to claims and should be dismissed at face value.

The self identifying persons have not experienced the prejudice systemically nor the bigotry inter personally, and are not only removing the meaning of the words, but creating an entirely new level of oppression resulting in removing both protection of rights and rights from individuals belonging to oppressed groups. Co-opting oppression of whole persons and for sexual gratification and reducing whole person dignity to body functions.

Worse those who self id to deny chronological own age to interfere with youth and children.

And regardless of any air quote sincere belief end air quote, trans gender claims lacks merit on it’s face, and requires others to ignore own ordinary human senses.

Self identification further extinguishes the spirit of legislation redressing a wrong, and is as harmful as the original denial of personhood rights resulting in barriers to education, career, housing to have a private life including forming families.

Between the religion vs science arguing that biology was up to students who may not question religion, to Medicine’s historic poor track record of women’s health care that medical science is leaving biology up to one patient group is ...this is where English is a insufficient language and I have no other.

The Harper Government removed equality from the status of women, and reduced that department from 17 offices to 5, which resulting loss of federal funding to non-profits lead many resource centres for women to close before the human rights complaints to allow men to self id lead to cities like vancouver also removing funding. Vancouver Rape Relief most famously, but also the Vancouver Women’s health collective. Starting in the 1970s, I was a 1990s volunteer who returned in 2021 to learn the collective’s work was shredded by the trans board.

The last feminist Executive Director Carolyn Duncan accomplished a United Nations reprimand to British Columbia on the health care delivery to women and children. . where in the 1990s we refused money from Avon because we were not going to up make up advertising... 2021 49th AGM celebrated make up stations for trans where there used to be a health information and crisis centre and a doctor directory for women.

So, this is where I do not want to say the word hope, eh.

It is a word recently spoken by Her Honourable Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada at the one year anniversary of public awareness of residential school mass graves of children.

I had a happy childhood. At less than five years of age, I evaded a not related adult bisexual male who dated into the family and at the age of 12 I walked away on a public sidewalk from Canada’s most notorious and self named Beast of BC: Clifford Olson weeks before his arrest.

I had a happy childhood, I was the RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police – E Division Forms Designer and Workflow Analysts. Where I updated the ED 301 Attending a Domestic and created a new compensation form between RCMP and WorkSafe BC for victims of crime. Worksafe BC had proposed two forms one for violence the second sexual violence, however I created one form to ensure that those persons who only experienced violence – and were more likely to be male, had perspective on their form filling experience. And mostly for the women applicants to not have two forms.

I had a happy childhood and I worked for the Federal Government of Canada in eight positions across seven departments. After a Decade at Federal Human Rights Commission and last year having my rights quashed at Federal Court, I am waiting for a Supreme Court of Canada file number to appeal and where I will explain how it was to design those RCMP forms, despite I had a happy childhood, to address systemic abuses that were also a factor in my employment situation where I filed a workplace grievance that did not include a sexual harassment component.

I have undertaken several correspondences including the previous governor general who did resign, several departments and to Prime Minister Trudeau’s office. His office forwarded that document to the Treasury Board, and I provided Minister Mona Fortier of the Treasury board with copies of all the reports regarding employment equity being undermined by self id, and self id undermining health care delivery, along with obscuring statistics, and decreasing public safety.

I know, it’s a lot to take in, there is more:

Within the province of BC, I have written to the Vancouver Mayor and BC Public Safety Minister that they will have to arrest me for hate crimes against men for disagreeing with them.

Approaching another another person, women and especially youth, to discuss bodies, in particular genitals, is practising nonconsenting kink and or is sexually harassing others.

I say this as the Canada Federal Government employee who endured workplace bullying short of sexual harassment and am named in the Manager’s Handbook to the Canada labour code part 2.

Virgina was right, a room of ones own and a pension, eh.

The wrap up at end

One last hope that Canada has is from British Columbia. The BC Courts ruled that the Abortion Clinic Bubble Zone law – a number of blocks were protests are banned around clinics – was not up to Canada’s most known anti abortionist, Gordon Watson’s ideas to decide his ideas overrride both the law and the women he was threatening over women’s right to own life decisions.

So an idea of one does not override the legal rights of others, and that must include not depriving others of ordinary human senses – including and especially being denied those seeking not a hand up to equality, but a hand to get a leg over, as even gay men do not get to pretend that cotton ceiling is not a fetish confession.

Lesbians: the love that dare not speak it’s name last century owing to illegal, does not this owing to openly practised fetish.

Nina Tryggvason, person non grata Revenue Canada, RCMP, Indian and Northern Affairs, Industry Canada, Service Canada, Transport Canada.

Presentation May 28, 2022 – WDI

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Tryggvason, Nina. "I Do Not Want to Say the Word Hope, eh" Presentation with Women's Declaration International, May 28, 2022. Republished with permission.

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